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1. History and development of the concept CRnT

2. Biography Dr. med. D. Weihermann, Developer and applying doctor of CRnT

1. History and development of the concept CRnT – Causal Regulative Neural Technique

Dr. med. Dietrich Weihermann is the developer and applying doctor of CRnT. After becomig acquainted with original forms of therapeutic injection techniques to the autonomic structures of the nervous system and the connected physiological-biochemical background, Dr. Weihermann found out, that the main cause of chronic and other problem illnesses must be found in the area of the autonomic nervous system, governing all organ functions in the body including the relationships within the nervous system itself. Precise analysis for finding out the debilitating disturbances and their precise elimination should lead to a causative healing, a therapy that really makes sense. Before that time, Dr. Weihermann had realised that in modern medicine there is progress in exact diagnosis, but on the other hand - a lack of causal treatment beside symptomatic medicinal treatment in chronic diseases.

He observed different forms of electronic measurement techniques, that could help in the subject of detecting disturbed nervous areas. Between different methods he found, that thermography - a measurement of the warmth radiation of a great number of different organ reflex areas, was best suitable, to get a precise and sure statement about the disturbed, autonomic areas. Thus these areas being the causes of chronic diseases could be even more precisely be treated and eliminated by well-placed injections, and by this make the illness disappear forever.

In the middle of the eighties the further development of laser-techniques made it possible, to apply a certain kind of laser as an intensifying measure in curing the autonomic disturbed areas and thus enforce the elimination of the causes of illness.

Before, already at his time working in a hospital in internal medicine, Dr. Weihermann had found, that aside of big progress in diagnostics in modern medicine, in the realm of therapy, mostly being a medicinal and symptomatic treatment, there was no causative and really healing therapy, especially in chronic diseases.

In the many years of his proper practice he concentrated on the development of CRnT and created a sure treatment concept for the successful application of his treatment method. Beside the scientific biochemical proof of the effectiveness of Procain and Lidocain, used in former therapeutic injection therapies, being published already a long time before, the successful healing results in every day´s application of CRnT shows up its extraordinary and superior effectiveness and healing power. It also demonstrates, that beside further, minor important causes, the so-called „triggers“, CRnT with its precise elimination of the responsible disturbances in the autonomic nervous system is the outrageous and most effective healing therapy in chronic and other problem diseases.

2. Biography Dr. med. D. Weihermann, developer and applying doctor of CRnT

Dr. med. D. Weihermann, is the developer and applying doctor of CRnT - Causal Regulative Neural Technique.

Dr. Dietrich Weihermann was born in 1953 in Germany. He finished school in 1973, and directly achieved a place of study for medicine and psychology at university.

Already in the second year of his studies he finished his promotion work for the degree „doctor of medicine”, - a scientific work on prophylactic medication therapy in children´s asthma. In 1980 at the age of 26 years, he received the approbation as a doctor. At the same time, on the base of his promotion work, he was awarded the title of a “doctor of medicine”.

In the same year, two months later, he started his trainings at the medical academy of the army in Munich as a lieutenant doctor. His duties in this ended in October 1981.

In the same year he started his internal trainings as a doctor in a municipal hospital, where he worked as a ward doctor and - prevailingly – as an intensive ward doctor in internal medicine.

This time was followed by working as a substitute doctor in internal practices, and by this achieving the right of settlement as a doctor. This period he finished in 1984, being awarded the right to settle down in an own practice. Already half a year later he took over a doctor´s practice for general medicine.

The only reason for that fast decision of settling down in an own practice was merely the acquaintance with the therapeutic injection techniques of that time and his vision of a further development of the theoretic medical background for even more effective application and accordingly advanced healing possibilities.

These therapeutic injection techniques in its basic tracks that Dr. Weihermann had become acquainted with in his substitution work, had made him recognize the sensational healing possibilities by sufficient intensive specialisation. In such a specialisation for the purpose of a creative - logical further development of the findings, that at that time already existed in the therapeutic injection theories, he saw the sense and motive for his settling down that early. He felt challenged by the possibility of the development of new, extremely improved healing possibilities, that in between have been verified. The today´s successful application of CRnT, as a result of a long time of development , daily furnishes proof of its unique effectiveness and healing power.

Already at the beginning Dr. Weihermann had realized, that many of the previous findings, that at first often only had occurred only by pure chance had been interpreted ingeniously, but that many of them as a result taken over into the therapeutic injection theories, in between had become out of time.

In about 20 years of his practice, he worked out the concept of CRnT, always also integrating findings of other therapy forms, - and of course - also the precise observations of his own therapy results of his many thousands of patients. He continuously completed it with experiences and further findings in order to create the today´s fix concept of CRnT - Causal Regulative Neural Technique.

In diverse TV-emissions and reports in newspapers and journals he introduced his method to public and explained it using examples of previous chronically ill persons that in between had been healed by CRnT. In his numberless lectures he introduced to the audience always new , other patients and by this raised uttermost interest and great positive resonance.

For the pre-trained doctorial colleges as well as for the pre-informed interested layman it is easy to recognize, which extraordinary innovative possibilities CRnT, in its qualified medical application, presents.

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